Eemax EX280T2T Series Three Whole House Electric Water Heater
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Eemax EX280T2T Series Three Whole House Electric Water Heater - For Endless Hot Water

The Series Three Whole House Tankless Electric Water Heater can cater to multiple showers. The unit is capable of providing maximum 4 gallons/minute and can work perfectly under different conditions. The water heater has a microprocessing temperature control with staged heating modules. Enjoy precise outlet temperature with the highly advanced thermostat. The unit uses Nichrome as the heating element. As the water passes through this heating element, gets heated up due to the high resistance it encounters. There is a flow switch that plays a role in cutting down your energy bills. This switch activates the heater only on demand, ensuring there's no standby heat loss. Get longer life with this tank-less electric water heater's high-strength reinforced Engineering Plastic. The Eemax Series Three Whole House Electric Water Heater can cater to your entire house on demand since there's no storage capacity to run out.

Energy efficient

The Eemax Whole House Electric Water Heater turns on in stages depending upon the rate of water flow. This is a tankless unit making it 99% energy efficient. The power used by the heater is utilized to heat the water and since there';s no chimney, ensuring no energy wastage.

Get On-demand Hot Water

With the Eemax Series Three Whole House Electric Water Heater, you get hot water without delay with the help of the flow switch that activates the heater on demand. This also ensures that there's no energy wastage.

Efficient Water Heating

This water heater uses a patented flow path that ensures there is optimum heat transfer. The unit uses Nichrome as its heating element that can heat the water quickly without energy wastage.

No Calcification

Calcification in the water heater can reduce its lifespan. With this Eemax water heater, you don't encounter calcification, thereby prolonging your heater's durability.

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Tank Height (In.)12.25

Appliance Features:

Tank StyleCompact

Product Overview:

Unit LocationIndoor

Power & Performance:

Minimum Circuit Rating40 amps


Control TypeElectromechanical

Power Source:

Fuel TypeElectric

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