How To Know That Air Conditioner Needs To Be Repired?

Well there are several symptoms that will warn you about some defects that have cropped within the air conditioner and it needs to be repaired. You have to watch out for them. Therefore inspect your unit on a periodic basis so that these problems do not get neglected. Here are some symptoms of faulty air conditioner-

If the air conditioner comes to a standstill-

In such conditioner you should first check if the thermostat is set in cooling mode. The temperature set there should be lower than the room temperature. If it set as required, check the breaker. If you cannot detect tripped breaker or blown fuse then it is time to call a technician. The problem lies deep beneath.

If the air conditioner is running without cooling the spec

Again, check the thermostat. If it is set to cool but the temperature is warm, then the unit requires to be inspected professionally. In this case also check if the vents are properly open.

If bizarre noises coming out of air conditioner

An air conditioner does make a certain level of noise even when functioning normally. Such a noise becomes similar to background music in a house. It will be quite low. It is barely audible, in case of an efficient unit. But if you hear different kinds of noise coming out of the air conditioner such as banging, squeaking, rattling etc., then call a technician immediately.

If bad smell is coming out if the unit

Sometimes inside of an air conditioner unit becomes infested with dirt, mold, or mildew. It gives out musty odor. Sometimes smell can become very stinky which is as called the dirty sock syndrome. Burnt wiring or parts also gives out strange smell. A bad smell indicates a problem that has to be addressed. This is also to avoid health issues for your family.

If the unit is short cycling

When you set a temperature at the thermostat, the air conditioner works to reach it. When the set temperature is reached, the A/c cycles off. The temperature would shift from the desired level after sometime. The machine would cycle on, until the temperature is reached again. This is an ongoing cycle till you shut off your air conditioner. However, if you notice that it is turning on and off more frequently than usual and the outside temperature is not particularly warmer than normal, it is possible that your unit is malfunctioning. Short-cycling causes good deal of stress the air conditioner.

Water is leaking in and around your unit.

A normally functioning air conditioner will give out some water every day. This is on account of the condensation of the hot room air when it comes into contact with cool evaporator. This is collected in a pan and drained out. But if the unit is giving out too much water, it is an indication of problem.

If your unit is icy or frosty

Call a technician immediately if you see this. This can be caused by low refrigerant charge. If that is the case, the tube that carries the Freon may has leaks in it. The leaks need to be repaired before the unit is recharged. A restricted airflow due to blocked filter can also cause this. Check your filter for blockage.

Besides these, issues with thermostat or leaky ducts will also call for repairs.




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